D R Congo: War and Ethnic Strife

Kyle Meade
Period 4

Mini Paper #2
War and Ethnic Strife

    Congo is a country that has been under a lot of conflict in the past century and earlier. Colonists, rebel groups, caused a lot of the strife, corrupt government also contributed to the constant fighting in Congo. After it gained stability Congo had a bright future to look forward to. The Congo people were hoping for a safe and peaceful country.
Congo may be on the verge of another war. This estimation is because of a certain amount of events that have transpired (Economist newspaper ltd). The Rwandan genocide plays and intricate part in how Congo’s military agenda will play out in the upcoming years. There were killings of thousands of innocents that could spark a war.
    “ On the night of Friday August 13, armed marauders over-ran the Gatumba camp in Burundi. With guns and machetes, they shot and chopped 160 defenseless refugees to death. A Burundian rebel group claimed responsibility, but witnesses reported that Rwandan and Congolese gunmen also took part” (Economist newspaper ltd). The victims were primarily Congolese Tutsis. The Rwandan government responded by announcing that it might have to invade Congo. That has been cause for alarm.
    “For the past half-century, the Great Lakes region has seen a steady escalation of horror. In Rwanda and Burundi, Hutus and Tutsis have repeatedly massacred one another” (Economist newspaper ltd). The most recent and most horrific scenes of terror, was the Rwandan genocide of 1994, at least 500,000 people were brutally massacred in 100 day. The conflict spread over to Congo that developed a war that caused at least 3 million lives, and now it threatens to reignite.
    There are few things that we can do as a country to help the situation over in the Congo and help prevent another terrible slaughter of innocents. The UN is however establishing more soldiers to help maintain peace for as long as possible. Even installing the troops will not be able to prevent a war that is most likely inevitable, unless something is done to destroy the rebel groups causing havoc.

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