Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Sulli Gibson


Mr. Hjelmgren

World History

Period 4



Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo


KH KH KHHH KH. The teacher has written an equation on the chalkboard to teach her students. Education has such a big impact on humans. Without education, no wisdom or knowledge would be taken in or spread throughout the world (Goel 1). Education is one of the qualities that sets us apart from all other species on Earth. Everyone deserves a chance to learn in the modern world. That is why the state of education in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) needs to be improved.

The condition of education in DR Congo is much like other African Countries with many people unable to go to school. The impact of white colonialism is very visible. Very few people disagree that without white colonialism the educational system would be in better shape. One of the reasons the state of education in the DR Congo needs to be improved is because so many people are uneducated. Education is the first step to improvement with a country. Before independence (1960) in DR Congo, education was up to religious groups. Now since then, efforts are being made to increase access to all forms of education to many more people. However, in 2007, 21% of the population had no schooling. That is more than 1/5th of the whole population. Also, only about 67% of the population can read and write. Most kids are unable to go to school because their parents are unable to pay the enrollment fee. Education in DR Congo is by no means universal and could still be greatly improved. A 6-year civil war is also to blame for the lack of educated children. Think how the country would be different with literacy similar to the United States of America.

Another reason education needs to be improved is because with an educated country is better for the economic and social development of any nation (Goel 2). Education can plays an important role in strengthening the social and economic systems are of a country. Everything is intertwined with education. For example, a more intelligent society will create better ideas (etc.), which in turn will improve the economy. Another example is how when everyone goes to school children are better taught social lessons through interactions with other kids. They can also learn “street intelligence” though classes. Many immense impacts are directly influenced by education and it is a strong link to a country.

There is room for improvement in DR Congo. Improving access to schools and making them cheaper are some of the options for us to help the children of DR Congo. It is definitely worth it for people to help them and we are encouraged to do so. Education may just be the missing link for the Democratic Republic of Congo.



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