Democratic Republic of Congo: Current Status

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The Democratic Republic of Congo: Current Status 

The Democratic Republic of Congo, or the DRC, is a country slightly less than one fourth of the United States in area. The population numbers about 6,700,000. The country used to be called Zaire and is located in central Africa surrounded by countries such as Angola, Zambia, and Sudan to name a few.

The Government type of the DRC is a Republic, which is a state without a monarch. The leader of a Republic is called a president and in the DRC, the president is elected by ballot. In 2006, Joseph Kabila was elected to President and still holds that position to this day.

The DRC’s economy is just starting to recover from 2 decades of decline (CIA 6). People are free to trade in this country. One location of trade of natural resources is the Congo River. Tourists are welcome to D R Congo. Locations popular with tourists include Kinshasa and Goma but there are risks in traveling to the DRC. The main risk is the violence. The DRC does possess a very large portion of pristine forests however, which is appealing to tourists (VirtualTourist 2).

The DRC is a part of the United Nations but generally does not have much interaction with other countries besides trade. There are many internal affairs such as violence within the country. The UN is trying to put an end to this violence by putting peacekeeping forces in the country. The violence involved with the DRC has always been on its own soil.The DRC does not have much of a relationship with the United States of America but its allies include Angola and South Africa. These countries are located very close to the D R Congo. There are no enemies of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in the DRC and it is state-sponsored. 

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